Friday, October 2, 2020

Active Voice and Passive Voice Quiz

Choose the sentences written incorrectly in the passive voice.

1)I was eaten an ice cream.

2)The song was sung by a singer.

3)I was deceived by the TV program.

4)The concert was finished at 12 p.m.

5)He was written a novel.

6)The tennis match was aired on TV.

7)He was treated kindly.

8)I have been managed a company since 2004.

Active Voice and Passive Voice Quiz

Active Voice and Passive Voice Quiz

Active Voice and Passive Voice Quiz : Answers

1) I ate an ice cream.

5) He wrote a novel.

8) I have managed a company since 2004.

Following quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions related to Active & Passive Voice. You will have to read all the given answers and click over the correct answer.

Q 1 - It ... since yesterday.

A - Is snowing

B - Has been snowing

C - Have been snowing

D - Was snowing

Q 2 - I ... for five weeks without rest.

A - Have been working

B - Has been working

C - Was working

D - Am working

Q 3 - As the patient could not walk he ... home in a wheel chair.

A - Has carried

B - Has been carried

C - Was carried

D - Was carrying

Active Voice and Passive Voice Quiz : Answers

Q:1-Answer : B

Q:2-Answer : A

Q:3-Answer : C

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