Thursday, October 1, 2020

Infinitives Quiz

Fill in the blanks.

1)I decided _____________ (leave) the job.

2)She pretended _______________  (know) me.

3)He desires ____________ (be) a professor.

4)The company considered _____________ (sell) its main building.

5)I expect ______________ (win) at this game.

6)Do you enjoy ____________(take) care of your pet?

7)She hopes _____________  (go) on a vacation.

8)Did you fail ______________(pass) the exam?

9)They want me _______________(take) this position.

10)It is great ____________ (hear) that they agreed ______ (share) the land.

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Infinitives Quiz

Infinitives Quiz

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1)to leave

2)to know

3)to be


5)to win


7)to go

8)to pass

9)to take

10)to hear, to share


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