Sunday, October 4, 2020

 Mood for Grammar Quiz

Choose the correct sentence from the following.

1)I wish I was able to buy this car.

2)It were recommended that the company closes its foreign offices.

3)If Jack were 17 years old, he would apply for the university.

4)Our manager insists that the group is reorganized.

Mood for Grammar-Quiz

Mood for Grammar-Quiz

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Correct sentences for 1, 2, and 4:

1) I wish I would be able to buy this car

2) It was recommended that the company closed its foreign offices.

4) Our manager insists that the group be reorganized.


Write the correct form of the verb given.

1)I insist that Jennifer -------------------(finish) her meal.

2)She suggests that the office ------------------(be) closed today.

3)If I -----------------(be) you, I would win the game.

4)I wish I -------------------- (can) fly.

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1) finish

2) be

3) were

4) could


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